REST Api Documentation

All requests should be be made to, signed with auth_token.

Get Auth Token

Download the PHP-SDK. Remove .txt from the end of the filename before using it.
Make a HTTP POST request to the /order endpoint of the api to place a new order.

Required Parameters

service_id This parameter recognises the service you are trying to order. A list of service ID(s) can be found at the end of the page.
link This parameter is the link of the target page for the service.
quantity This parameter is the quantity service you are ordering.
auth_token This parameter is used to authenticate and recognises you. Not sending this token or sending an invalid token will result in a 401 Unauthorized response.

Code & Response Samples

require_once 'sbulksdk.class.php'; $response = (new SocialBulkMarket)->order(44, '', 1000); $orderId = $response['data']['order_id']; // store it in database for status enquiry & reference...

curl -X POST -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" -d 'service_id=40&'

Replace 680fbebb141ac816734b8257c155f52eb70461f1 with your actual auth token.

{ "code": 1, "message": "SUCCESS", "data": { "order_id": 3 } }

{ "code": 0, "message": "INVALID VALUE FOR ARGUMENT 'quantity'. MININUM ORDER : 100", "data": [ ] }
Make a HTTP GET request to the /order/{id} endpoint of the api to get status of an existing order. Here {id} should be replaced by the id of the order as returned by the previous method, at the time of placing order.

Required Parameters

auth_token This parameter is used to authenticate and recognises you. Not sending this token or sending an invalid token will result in a 401 Unauthorized response.

Code & Response Samples

require_once 'sbulksdk.class.php'; $orderId = 3; // In your app, you would obtain orderId from database. $response = (new SocialBulkMarket)->status($orderId); $status = $response['data']['status'];

curl -X GET

Replace 680fbebb141ac816734b8257c155f52eb70461f1 with your actual auth token.

{ "code": 1, "message": "SUCCESS", "data": { "link": "", "quantity": 1000, "status": "PENDING", "start_count": 0, "remaining_count": null } }

{ "code": 404, "message": "Order Not Found or Access Denied", "data": [ ] }

List of Active Services

Service ID Service Name
44 Instagram Followers S4 (Fast , Max: 15K, No Refill/Refund)
43 Instagram Followers - Arab S2 (Fast, Max: 20K, 30 Days Refill)
42 Instagram Followers S3 (Fast, MAX:20K, Non Drop)
39 Instagram Likes S1 (Fast, Max:100K, 60K/Order)
40 Instagram Followers - Real (Fast, Max: 25K, Only Username, No Refill/Refund)
41 Instagram Likes - USA (Fast, MAX: 50K)
45 Instagram Followers - USA (Fast, MAX:15K, No Refill/Refund)
46 Instagram Followers - Japan (Fast, MAX:6K, Non Drop)
47 Pinterest Followers (Fast, MAX:100K, No Refill)
48 Youtube Views - South Korea (Fast, 2-5k/day)
49 Instagram Comments (Fast, Emoji, Max:1K)
50 Facebook Post Likes - Brazil (Fast, Max: 4K, Non drop)
51 Real And Active Facebook Page Likes - Middle East S1 (24hrs ,MAX: 1M, Stable)
52 Facebook Post Likes - Thailand (Fast, Max:20K, Non drop)
53 Real Facebook Page Likes (Music Pages Accepted, Max:20K, 30 days Auto-refill)
54 Facebook Emoticons Post Likes | Love | (Fast, Max: 10K)
55 Facebook Real Group Join (Fast, MAX: 4K, No Refills)
56 Facebook Emoticons Post Likes | Haha | (Fast, Max: 10K, Fanpage Only)
57 Facebook Video View (Fast, MAX: 100K, Multiple Of 1000)
58 Facebook Followers S1 (0-6hrs, Max:50K, No refill)
59 Facebook Post Likes (Fast, Max 15K, No refills)
60 Facebook Random Comments (English, Fast, 0-6H Start, Max: 10K)
61 Facebook Website Likes ⟨6 hrs start, Max 10k⟩
62 Twitter Followers - MIX (Fast, Max:200K, 30 Days Refill)
63 Twitter Followers - (Fast, HQ, Max: 100K)
64 Twitter Followers (Fast, MAX: 100K, Non Drop)
65 Facebook Post Likes - Indonesia (Fast, Max:18K, Non Drop)
66 Twitter Followers - Japan (Fast, MAX:10K, No Refill/Refund)
67 Twitter Retweets (Instant, HQ)
68 Twitter Retweets (Fast ,Mixed,MAX:500K)
69 Twitter Likes (Instant, HQ)
70 Twitter Likes (Fast, Mixed,MAX: 500K)
71 Instagram Live Video Likes (Fast, Username Only, Max:100K)
72 Youtube Dislikes S1 (Fast , Max:8K, Non Drop)
73 Instagram Live Video Views (Fast, UNLIMITED)
74 Pinterest Likes (Fast, Max:285K )
75 Twitter Poll Votes ("")
78 Instagram Video Views S1 (Fast, Max: 100K)
79 Facebook Emoticons Post Likes | Wow | (Fast, Max: 10K)
80 Spotify Followers (Fast, MAX:10K)
81 Soundcloud Likes (fast, MAX:10K)
82 Soundcloud Followers (Fast, Max:10K)
83 Facebook Emoticons Post Likes | Sad | (Fast, Fanpage Only, Max: 10K)
84 Youtube Favorite (Fast, Max:10K, No refill)
85 Twitter Followers - UK (Fast, Username Only, MAX:100K)
86 Instagram Likes S3 (Fast, MAX:50K)
87 Youtube Views - India (Fast, 2-7k/day)
88 Youtube Views - UAE (Fast, 2-7k/day)
89 Twitter Followers - USA (Fast, Max:75K, Non Drop)
90 Instagram Likes - Brazil (Fast, MAX:50K)
91 Twitter Followers - Spain (Fast, Username Only, MAX:100K)
92 Soundcloud Repost (Instant)
93 SoundCloud Downloads (Instant)
94 Youtube likes S2 (Fast, Max:400K, Non Drop)
95 Youtube Views - Germany (Fast, 2-7k/day)
97 Youtube Views Vevo (Fast, 50-100K/Day , 30 Days Refill)
98 Facebook Comment Likes (12hrs Start, MAX:4K)
99 Facebook Followers - India (Fast, Max:100K, 60 Days Refills)
100 Instagram ALBUM Likes (Fast, REAL, Max: 4K)
101 Youtube Views - Poland (Fast, 500-2k/day)
102 Instagram Followers S5 (Fast, Max: 150K, 30 Days Auto-Refill)
103 Facebook 5 Star Review ( Fast, Max: 4K)
104 Instagram Story Views
105 Youtube Views - Japan (Fast, 1-15k/day)
106 Youtube Shares (Fast)
107 Instagram Likes - Arab S1 (Fast, MAX:100K)
108 Facebook Page Likes (Fast, Max:180K, 60 DAYS AUTO REFILL)
109 Soundcloud Plays (Instant, Fast Speed)
110 YouTube Comment Likes [UPVOTES] (Max: 500, No Refill/Refund )
111 Youtube Subscriber (0-12 Start, Max: 200K, 60 Days Refill)
112 Instagram Followers - Thailand (Fast, Max: 6K, No Refill)
113 Instagram Followers - Turkey (Fast, Username Only, Max: 12K, No Refill)
114 Youtube Comment Likes [UPVOTES] ( REAL , Max:10K)
115 Website Traffic Hits (Real, Google Organic, Stay : 20 - 60sec)
116 Website Traffic (Instant)
117 Website Traffic Hits (Real, Google Organic, Stay: 180 - 230sec)
118 Instagram Video Views S2 (Fast, 300K/Day, Max: 1M)
119 Pinterest Repins (Fast, Max: 100K, No refill)
120 Instagram Followers - Dubai (Fast, Max: 4.5K, Non Drop)
127 Instagram Impressions ( Fast, 20K/Day)
124 Instagram Likes - Arab S2 (Fast, MAX:10K)
129 Facebook Comment Likes (Max: 10K)
122 Twitter Followers - India (Fast, MAX:3K, 30 Days Refill)
123 Facebook Followers - Thailand (Fast, MAX: 15K)
125 Facebook Post Likes - India (Fast, Max:100K, Non drop)
126 Website Traffic Hits (Real, Google Organic, Stay : 80 - 140sec)
132 Twitter Followers - Arab (Fast, Username Only, MAX:50K)
128 Facebook Post Likes (Fast, MAX: 4K)
130 Facebook Page Likes (24hrs Start, Max:20K, Stable)
131 Facebook Page Likes - WW (24hrs Start, Max: 15K, No Refill/Refund)
133 Instagram Followers S0 (Fast, MAX 40k, No R&R)
154 Instagram Likes - Japan (Fast, MAX: 100K)
134 Instagram Followers - Russian (Fast, Max: 50K, No refill/Refund)
135 Youtube Views - Turkey (Fast, 5-15k/day)
136 Youtube Views - Russian (Fast, 1-10k/day)
137 Youtube Views (Fast, 2 Min Retention, 30 Days Refill)
138 Youtube Views HR (Fast, Multiple of 1000, 30 Days Refill)
140 Youtube Views - USA (Fast, 5-20K/Day)
182 Facebook Followers S4 (12hrs Start, Max: 5K, 30 Days Refill)
153 Instagram Followers S10 (Fast, Max:70K , 30 Days Refill)
144 Instagram Followers S7 (Fast, MAX:25K, Only Username, No Refill/Refund)
141 Instagram Followers - China (Fast, MAX:20K, Non Drop)
163 Youtube Views - Brazil (Fast, 2-7k/day)
145 Instagram Followers S6 (24hrs Start, MAX: 250K, 30 Days Refill)
149 Instagram Followers S2 (Fast, Max: 70K, Auto Refill)
171 Facebook Random Comments Brazil (0-24 hours, Mac 500})
146 Instagram Followers S8 (Fast, Max:35k Max , 30 Days Refill)
147 Real And Active Instagram Followers S9 (Fast, Max:40K, 30 days Refill)
148 Instagram Followers S1 (Fast, Max: 15K, Non Drop)
179 Instagram Likes - French (Fast, MAX:100K)
150 Instagram Likes - Thailand (Fast, MAX: 10K)
151 Facebook Post Likes - Arab (Fast, Max:100K, Non Drop)
152 Instagram Followers - Brazil (MAX:15K, No Refill)
189 Instagram Brazil Comments ( Fast, Max: 4K)
180 Instagram Followers - Iran (Fast, MAX:1K, Non Drop)
157 Instagram Random Comments (1-12hrs, Max:500)
155 Youtube Views (Fast, 100K/Day, 30 Days Refill)
158 Instagram Followers S11 (Fast , 10K/Orders, Max: 40K, Only Username, 30 Days Refill)
178 Instagram Likes - S4 (Fast, Max: 20K)
156 Facebook Post Likes - UAE (Fast, Max:1.5K, Non Drop)
159 Youtube Views (Fast, Multiple of 1000, 30 Days Refill)
160 YouTube Views (Fast, Real, Multiple of 1000,No Refill/Refund)
161 Instagram Followers - Real MIX (Fast, Max: 10K, No Refill/Refund)
162 Instagram Followers - S12 (Max:180K, Non Drop)
183 Instagram Likes - Dubai (Fast, MAX:10K)
166 Youtube Subscriber (Fast, Max: 3K, 30 Days Refill)
167 Snapchat Followers (Fast, Max: 2k, No Refill/Refund)
168 Youtube Views - Sweden (Fast, Multiple of 1000)
170 Youtube likes - S1 (Fast, 100K/day, Max: 500K, 15 Days Refill)
172 Facebook 1 Star Review (Real & active, fast, Max 4K)
173 Facebook Followers S3 (Fast, Max: 200K, 30 Days refill)
174 Facebook Friends Brazil (0-6 hours, Max: 5K, Real & active)
175 Youtube Favorite (Fast, Multiple of 100)
176 Facebook Followers - Brazil (0-6hrs, Max: 4K, Non Drop)
177 Facebook Page Likes (0-12Hrs Start, Max: 10K, No Refill/Refund)
181 Instagram Followers - Vietnam (Fast, MAX:1K, Non Drop)
184 Instagram Likes - Turkey (Fast, MAX: 100K)
188 Instagram Likes S2 (Fast, MAX:20K)
185 Facebook Page Likes - Thailand (Fast, MAX: 20K, 60 Days Refills)
186 Facebook Page Likes (Fast, Max: 300k, 30 Days Refill)
187 Facebook Post Likes - USA (Fast, Max:5K, Non drop)
190 Facebook Page Likes - India (Fast, MAX: 200K, 60 Days Refills)
191 Youtube Likes S3 (Fast, Max:5K, No Refill/Refund)
192 Youtube DisLikes S2 (Fast, No Refill/Refund)
193 Instagram Followers - S13 (Fast, Max: 10K, Only Username, 30 Days refill)
194 Live Stream Youtube views (Fast, Max: 50K)

Possible Error Codes

HTTP Status Code Code in JSON Body Error Message Error Description
401 401 Unauthorized auth_token is either missing or invalid.
404 404 Order Not Found or Access Denied The order you asked, does not exist. If you try to access an order not made by you, the same error will be returned.
400 0 ARGUMENT MISSING : 'param_name' The parameter param_name is a mandatory parameter but is missing from the request.
400 0 INVALID VALUE FOR ARGUMENT 'param_name'. The value you supplied for param_name is invalid. Possible values or correction message is also supplied.
400 0 INSUFFICIENT 'balance'. REQUIRED BALANCE : $xx.xx Your account does not have sufficient balance to complete the order. The $xx.xx value denotes how much the current order would cost.